Sunday, October 16, 2016

#48 Romp around the Rockies

Rompers are cute. They are darling. They are an easy outfit. Ask any tall girl. WE CAN'T WEAR THEM.

Until now. 

This is the Hey June Patterns Sanibel romper (or Sanibel dress). This pattern was a joy to make. I don't know if it's because I've wanted a romper for so long, or I'm (finally) getting better at sewing, or the fact I learned a lot along the way. But man, I liked making this thing.

I used too stiff of an interfacing so it sticks out at the waist rather than lays flat.
I measured a size large. I added 2inches in length to the bodice and took off 1.25inches off the waist portion of the shorts. I have a large chest and a short waist. I did end taking the shorts in (probably to a size medium, which I should have just made from the start) When I make all these little tweaks I see why things never quite fit right in the past.