Friday, June 24, 2016

#37 Dolman top time Jalie 3352

You watched me K.O. my first dolman top and now (ding ding) contestant two enters the ring. It looks so simple in black until you see the punch of color in back.

For me this is an ideal shirt. The front is simple black jersey knit cotton, which means I can wear it with jeans. And yes, you have seen those jeans above before.  

The back is a poly lycra spandex which means I can work out in it and it's stretchy and breathable. I have a very hard time sitting still so it's fun to have a shirt I feel totally me in.

Monday, June 13, 2016

#36 Eat an elephant (Chi-Town Chinos)

In our home, we have a question that we ask each other when a task seems too big to accomplish.

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

It essentially means you better stop complaining, start working, and little by little see it through to the end. And that's the way I made these Chi-Town Chinos.

I love that the designer of the Chi-Town Chinos, Alina, had no formal fashion education (like me) and manages to not only educate is her pattern instructions, but empower. She wrote, "If you can stitch a straight can make clothes" As, I was seam-ripping I'm sure I muttered to myself several times, "I can stitch a straight line." "I can make these." "How do you eat an elephant?"

And bit(e) by bit(e), stitch by stitch I finished these shorts and the skills learned are more precious because it cost me more to gain them. Call me crazy but I hate mistakes, so I learn from them.

These shorts had a lot of firsts for me: 

First time sewing a pattern with woven fabric
First time making bias tape (thanks Kathryn!)
Belt loops
Bar tacks 
Slash pockets
Pocket lining
Pocket flaps
Button holes
Adding a zipper

How have I been sewing all my clothes for 6 months and never run into these things?!

So to steal Alina's words once again, "...I'll be your biggest cheerleader. I've been where you are-and if I can do it, you can too." I may have needed an extra dose of cheerleading which is fine because we are in-person friends not just inter-web acquaintances.

Seriously, a huge thank you to Alina for letting me pattern test and learn so much. My next post will have even more details about the cuteness of these shorts, but for now check out this amazing designer!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

#35 Are you ready to rummage?

We got swept up in the frenzy of people, smells, and used items (like the spinach bits in my blender from that mornings' green smoothie). A couple minutes of confused wandering passed before I stopped Jacqui and I dead in our tracks, "Look at us acting like a couple of amateurs!"

We have priorities. We need a map. Let's make a plan. Are you ready to rummage? 
Hecks yeah!

The big goal for the BIG rummage sale was fabric and embroidery supplies

Obviously, we got to the sale near the end so everything was 1/2 off, obviously. The craft room was our first stop where we were informed that everything was 1/2 off (as we planned) OR we could do a bag sale (come again?). A bag sale is when you buy an empty garbage bag for $5 and fill said bag with anything in that room, so long as it fits, so help me God, Amen.
I'll take it!

I guarantee nothing else could fit in that bag. Sadly we ripped the handles.
So for a measly paper Lincoln: I doubled my fabric stash,  got oodles of felt, found amazing metal embroidery hoops (and thread to boot). We also experienced the high of a cheap and dirty time.

My beautiful mountain of fabric

I'm looking forward to showing you all the things I'll be making with my new stash including something for my rummage buddy.