Monday, April 25, 2016

#30 Apply for (and lose) a fabric contest.

You win some. You lose some. An online fabric shop was having a contest starring spring floral fabrics. Essentially, You had to send in a couple pics of something you made out of their fabric. I happened to have some of their spring-time prints and nothing to lose.

First, I zipped up a staple for me: a TUNIC to wear with leggings and boots.

And next I decided on a color block dolman top with a cowl neck.

I very seldom wear prints and don't feel like myself in these clothes. I like to stick to my three main comfort colors: grey, navy blue, and neon pink. Sigh! Even just typing those colors makes me feel better.

It's a post like this one that makes me grateful to be doing this one year challenge because I'm more okay with failing and having others see my failures. And those are difficult words for someone who doesn't like to make mistakes.

Monday, April 11, 2016

#29 Ship. Shape.

If you spend a hot second in my home you will know I like SHIPS and really all things nautical.

So when I saw this large mens' shirt with a boat just floating around at a thrift store near my home, I bought it! At the time I was thinking of turning it into a pillow. I ended up turning it into a ladies' tee rocking a curved hem. I'm pretty into the curved hem these days. I also took off and reattached the sleeves after making them more feminine.  And now the new SHAPE fits me (tongue click and double finger guns) just right! It will totally be an anchor in my wardrobe.

Here's a little before and after action for ya. Ship. Shape.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

#28 Show you how it's done: Jalie Cora Running tights 3462

A few people have asked what it looks like to make something from "scratch" so in this post I'll just show you how it's done. I'm still a beginner and have a lot to learn but this post you'll get to see the process as I continue to be in the process of learning.
This is the Jalie Cora Running tight Pattern I decided on.

It's really fun for me to get all the colors and thoughts swirling around in my head onto paper and these are the colors I laded on for this pair of tights.

Here is the sneak peak of the treasure map that is a sewing pattern. My husband commented that just looking at this stressed him out and couldn't imagine how this is at all fun for me.
Jalie patterns are meant to be reused so a smart friend told me to use the table paper from the Pediatric office I work at. I trace over my size and then cut out the pieces of paper.

I transfer those paper pieces onto fabric and cut.

The rest is like putting together a tedious moving puzzle. These capris have a hidden phone pocket and a super flattering booty which (sorry not sorry) is for my husband's eyes only

Lastly, I get to wear my creation. It is so fun to think, dream, design, and in my case make mistakes along the way to FINALLY get a clothing item I love.